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Run your own live chat hosted server. Modern, fast and optimised for all devices including Mobile and Desktop Apps. SaaS Live Support Chat.

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Why Cloud Chat 3?

Because it is easy, fast, beautiful and fully responsive!

Cloud Chat 3 is a complete solution to start your own Live Chat Hosted Business.Yes, you read correctly everything is included to start your own Business.

The SignUp page, clean and simple. The client administration page, all your customers on one place. Our complete Live Chat 3 solution packed in a complete SaaS product with easy to manage administration panel and secure file sharing system.

Cloud Chat 3 is beautiful

It is not just feature rich it is also beautiful to the last bit.

Cloud Chat 3 got tons of Features

It's a Selfhosted Cloud Chat Solution with a integrated Live Chat and tons of other Features.
See the full list of Features here


We always believed that privacy is the most important factor, that's why it is running on your environment so you are in charge of the data that belongs to you anyway. Don't get blown away from the word Cloud it just means it runs on someone else's computer.

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Live Chat 3 integrated

Our best seller the professional live support chat platform has been fully integrated into Cloud Chat 3, no other platform offers you that. Read more about Live Chat 3.

Easy Installation

Installation is so easy, it will take less than 10 minutes to be up and running. We also offer a fast and affordable installation service in our online shop.


Our top selling Live Support Chat platform has been build to be as easy to use as possible. With the feedback from more than 5000 customers we think we nailed it.

Full Responsive

Screen size should not matter, Cloud Chat 3 fits automatically to all screens and has been optimised for the mobile world. We also have native apps for your operators.

Custom Styles

Custom designs should be easy that's why everything is template based. The latest and greates technology has been used to make sure you get your own look in less time.


Extended statistics are available throughout. Total chat time, feedbacks, ratings, user locations, which sites called more often and so on. Name it we have it build in.

Awesome Design

The new design has built to last, easy to use and fully responsive. You will love it!

There are more Features

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Earn Money with Cloud Chat 3

Subscription or one time billing system has been integrated into Cloud Chat 3. Credit Card through Stripe, 2Checkout and Paypal payment gateway included!

Charging your customers

You can create unlimited packages which your customers can purchase, create coupon codes and much more. Your customer can choose from a one time payment for a certain time or get billed monthly.

cloud chat 3 app

There is a free App

It does not end with a web based platform we have also built native apps for iOS and Android!

Apple App

Simple to use and fully connected to your server. Our native apps communicate with your installation as we sad, privacy is important to us.

Android App

Native push notifications, speech to text, GEO location and file sharing are only a few features build into our native apps for iOS and Android.

The Price is fair!

A complete support solution without Monthly fees!


$ 79
  • 1 license of Cloud Chat 3
  • 1 Licence
  • 1 Domain
  • Serve unlimited Websites
  • Selfhosted
  • Access to updates
  • Copyright Link

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