Cloud Chat 3 Features

The complete support solution has it all.

Live Chat 3
One License

Easy Installation

Installation in 5 minutes! Simply follow our installation manual for Cloud Chat 3 or get our installation service.


Most of the features one click away, we have build Cloud Chat 3 to be as easy to use as possible.

Full Responsive

Small Screen big Screen it will fit no matter what. Fully responsive and mobile optimised that's how it should be.

Secure Protect

Build to be as secure as possible and because it is installed on your server you are in control of everything.

Member System

Client management build in with a Client API to sync with your own user database.

Operator Panel

Beautiful and fully responsive with more than 25 permission levels for your operators, you are in charge!

Live Online Vistors

Wherever you place an embed code you will have live status of your visitors, from where they come and how long they stay.

Client History

All history you have with your clients is safed and can be viewed in a conversation or any time you want.

Contact History

Even manage offline message straight from your operator panel with full history of each message.


Create unlimited packages for your clients with a lot of options.

Very little Work

Build to be as easy to use as possible. We have minimised the work for your as a site owner.

Operator History

Statistics, ratings and feedbacks everything for each operator you have set.

File System

Advanced file and image manager, complete file system for chat and ticket attachments.


No need for typing the same message again and again, setup standard responses for the chat and tickets.

Auto ProActive

Engage and Auto engage website visitors build into Cloud Chat 3 with all the options you can imagen.


Setup auto answers for the chat until you pick up the client. Let the included chat bot handle some questions.


Unlimited departments or categories client permission and credit based, for Tickets, Chat and FAQ's.

Fancy Statistics

Not just statistics, beautiful and professional statistics. Export to excel, image or csv at anytime.

Group Chat

Public or closed group chats for up to 50 clients have you seen that before somwhere else?

Custom Fields

Create custom fields for client sign up, profile or tickets, customise it as you want.

URL Blacklist

The name says it, black list URL's right from your operator panel.


Control everything from the operator panel without any coding knowledge, simple and easy.

Auto Updater

New update? No problem, head to your operator panel - mainenace and with a click you run the latest version.


Cloud Chat 3 logs everything, logins, purchases, online visitors, locations and you can check them all.

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